The seminar was very informative and was presented very well by Katie. She gave the employees a lot of information and ideas in relation to different types of food and what you should and shouldn't be eating. The feedback was very positive and employees really enjoyed it.
I was very impressed actually with the detail of information that was delivered. Employees got ideas of new types of food to eat for themselves and also for their children's school lunches etc. What was impressive about the talk actually was Katie really gave us a more detailed understanding of the make up of different types of food. It just means you can make a more educated choice now when choosing what to eat. She also educated us all on the importance of portion sizes. Katie also gave actual names of different types of food to try which also helps if trying to change your diet. Overall definitely a success!
Jenny, Stryker Cork

I brought my 11 year old daughter to see Katie after I heard her on the Neil Prenderville radio show. I didn’t know that there was anyone in Cork to help overweight children. It’s so hard as a parent to admit that your child has a problem but Katie never made Saoirse feel bad – she used words that Saoirse could understand and made it really applicable to a young girl (she didn’t use medical terms and wouldn’t even tell Saoirse about the numbers). All the focus was on behavior. She gave us a portion plate, a food diary, a weekly plan that had treats on it and helped us manage all the parties Saoirse goes to every week – she explained that kids have to be kids have fun. Her office doesn’t look like a weight loss facility or doctors surgery – nobody knows we go there, they don’t know what happens in there, it’s perfect as Saoirse wouldn’t want people knowing her business. We’ve been going to Katie now for almost a year, we started going three times a week, then cut back to two and now one. Saoirse has lost a stone and a half and is now within a healthy weight range or “in the green” as Katie explains whereas she used to be in the red. Yes, Christmas and summer holidays presented challenges but Katie was there to support us and honestly I can’t recommend her enough. There should be someone in every school like Katie that helps kids make healthy choices and have fun being active.
Nancy, 42 Douglas

My sister had great success working with Katie so I decided to do a ten week program with her. I was at my wits end, always low in energy, underactive thyroid, reactions to eating foods that don’t suit me, missing a lot of work being sick. When Katie met me, she explained why I was feeling so bad. She made some changes to my diet mostly trying gluten free options, drinking more water and using almond milk instead of dairy. Within two weeks the stomach cramps had stopped, energy improved and I actually liked eating new foods. I started cooking for myself (I never cooked before!). I decided to stick with Katie and did another ten weeks and then fortnightly visits. Eight months after meeting Katie, I got pregnant with my first child. I thought I would never get pregnant after being so sick. The difference she has made to me and my family is huge. Forever grateful
Jenna aged 39

Donal my 13 year old son has started eating fruit and vegetables since he went to visit Katie. He’s fit now and is more energetic throughout the day. He used to only eat chicken, bread and cereal. He didn’t eat a lot of food but he had a lot of puppy fat. Since he started eating more and focusing on healthier foods, drinking water and exercising with Katie, the weight has fallen off him. He doesn’t look like the same boy. I’m so proud of him, I didn’t think he would buy in to it but he has given it 110% since his first day in BestLife.
Bridget, 49 Ballyphehane

Outstanding master of her craft Katie O’Shea is a truly excellent trainer. She is the perfect combination of tough and warm, and she works with the whole person — mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of her efforts, I am stronger and more flexible, I have better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun. Katie embodies change. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, she retrained my attitude while I retrained my body. In a short time, I gained the confidence to walk into any fitness center and lift weights…facing the mirror. Katie instilled that confidence. She quietly discovered the athlete in me that I never knew existed. Completed Cork City Marathon in 2012 as a result of confidence building. Recommended without reservation.
Lydia, Apple Computers, Cork

I have lost over three stone to date eating normal foods that I buy in Tesco and Aldi, there’s no gimmicks, no bars and she never makes me feel bad about myself. She cheers me on and shows me how easy change can be. I’m never hungry, in fact I eat more than ever. My wife and kids say I’m the happiest they have ever seen me.
John, Watergrasshill age 57

When I met Katie three years ago, I wouldn’t walk to the shops. I now have two marathons and four triathlons under my belt
Gary, EMC, Cork

I have done all the programs out there – you name it, I tried it. But Katie takes a different approach. She’s caring and understanding. She never lectures me or tells me what I can’t do. She simply guides me in the right direction, giving me recipes for foods that I like. I still have a glass of wine on the weekends and I meet my friends for coffee which I wasn’t allowed do in previous programs. I hate green vegetables and everywhere I went before, they forced me to eat them. Katie thinks outside the box and works around the obstacles. Hers is the best program I have ever done as this is the first time I’m being honest and upfront about what I do behind closed doors; I have never trusted anyone enough to tell them what I tell Katie. Thank you for being such a huge support.
Breda, AIB, Cork.

I was addicted to bread and butter; now I’m loving foods I never thought I would eat. My family loves the healthy pizzas and I now batch cook casseroles, soups and stews on a Sunday. My wife loves that I have taken such an active role in the home.
Geoff, Pfizer, Cork.

Katie gave a lunchtime talk to a class of childcare students here in Farranferris. Her advice was very practical and easily applicable. We learned about the importance of childrens nutrition, how to work with fussy eaters and about implementing a healthy lunchbox policy. The advice we received was great for at home and at work. What I liked most was that I could relate to her, she was very friendly and approachable.
Kay, Farrenferris College, Cork.

Katie is an excellent personal trainer and fitness specialist. What you get with Katie is someone who is an expert in the field and has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of fitness…not just personal training. Katie helps with all pieces of wellness and that is that is why she is successful in helping me reach my goals. Personal training is just one piece of wellness, but Katie watches and monitors all of the pieces which include diet, life-style, food management, attitude, health and mental awareness. I’ve worked with personal trainers for 25 years and Katie is one of the best. One of the things that Katie does well is work with each client to develop a specific program for their fitness level and life style. It doesn’t help you if your personal trainer recommends outdoor exercise…if you do NOT like being outdoors. Katie develops workouts, fitness plans and health programs designed around who you are and your lifestyle – so it is not difficult to adopt her training strategies because they are all about YOU. Katie’s expertise and knowledge, plus your fitness aspirations and way of living are a great combination. Because of Katie’s individualized approach, I found it easier to stick with her program and I never quit in the two years that she was my personal trainer. Get fit, get healthy, get moving…but FIRST…get Katie!
Dina, Apple Computers, age 51